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This is The Hunger Games Roleplay A Character Wiki!Edit

If you want to Roleplay, go on Chat!!/Email_Game!

Glimmer talks Edit

I just want to say, get your butts on the chat! x3 tankachu ^.^ ~ glimmeh xxx

Clove talksEdit

Where is everyone? Me and Glimmer keep checking! ~ Clove sorry clove i have been busy  17:43, March 9, 2013 (UTC)==

Holy Fudge. Please get on....

Someone PLEASE come online! ~ Clove

I agree with Glimmer, get your arses on the chat or I will kill you... I know where you live! lol jokes, but I'll hunt you down!

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Cato Digital Art

Clove's Artwork>>>>

Glimmer's Funny Cornucopia!!! :P >>>>

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